Inspired represents Dutch high-end sustainable brands in relation to the foreign markets and press. Participated brands: Myomydogoods, Mudjeans, StudioJux, Studio Elsien Gringhuis, Paaala, Elementum.

Inspired is developed in collaboration with KERN.consultancy and warmly supported by the Dutch Embassy in Berlin.

Dutch Embassy in Berlin

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The first Dutch Sustainable Business Lounge was presented in Berlin in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy during the Berlin Fashion Week at the Green Showroom. A mix of technology, design, art and knowledge sharing (via micro colleges).

Participated brands: Fairphone, Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, Bedtime for Bonzo, AbelOdor, Myomydogoods, Mudjeans, BuroBruno, Studio Elsien Gringhuis, Bloomon, Cynthia Hathaway Design, Esmod

Dutch Embassy in Berlin


Diplomacy Studio

Diplomacy Studio is a remarkable silent, independent, result driven intervention partner in Economic, Cultural, Social, Political and Legal contexts.
A strong and deeply rooted network in order to influence and operate in parallel realities.

Diplomacy Studio


Conscious Leather

The Conscious Leather Foundation will bring together the increasing number of initiatives in this area and bundle and share the growing knowledge and expertise. An important goal of the foundation is to connect designers and industry in cooperation projects in order to make production processes more sustainable and to accelerate the development of alternatives. In addition, the Conscious Leather Foundation wants to actively work on raising awareness through events such as exhibitions.
The initiators are Leonne Cuppen (Yksi Connect, intermediary and innovator), Simon Angel (designer and adviser for sustainable innovations) and Cees van de Ven (owner Nyvidd, a fish skin company).




Urban Living

The Urban Living Lounge is developed to showcase Dutch innovative sustainable design in a fashion related context: bacteria dyed fabrics (Living Colours , solar powered roads (Solaroad), mycelium fabric MYCotex (NEFFA / Aniela Hoitink), glassworks (Atelier.NL), soap and flower composition (by Veld&Vaas), pineskin leather (Sarmite Polakova), kaumera coloured ceramic (Nienke Hoogvliet / Billie van Katwijk), palm leather (Tjeerd Veenhoven)
Project in collaboration with KERN.consultancy 


Dutch Embassy in Berlin

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