Global Sustainable Interventions

Every project we do, every investment we attent, every one we work with, we work on sustainable growth. And… We prove that with this core-mindset, there is business.
Sharing knowledge is not a way to make a living, it is preparing others to the best.

Reaching the highest quality, the best mentality and an eye on the future that makes sense.
Collaborate is the way we do it. We call it WeFi… Sharing responsibilities in future successes and give what it takes to achieve this. Thats what we mean with ‘investing’.

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Make development accessible for highly motivated and extraordinary individuals and organisations. 
People can make the change. Skills, moral, values, attitude, all aspects can be developed, trained and maintained. With dedication, mindset and heartbeat. Everyone should have the chance to develop and work in a personal and best professional context.


Why am I doing ‘this’ and what is my contribution to the greater whole? From the context of abundance (everything we need for a comfortable life is already here), the need to look critically at ‘purpose’ has become stronger. We help organizations and individuals to (re-) define their purpose in order to create sustainable strategies that make sense and empower their existence. 


There is a strong believe in finding and creating beauty. A well build organisation, with purpose driven projects, products and services, striving for the highest quality. At the end you can call it poetry.


Invest in people, business and cultures. It bridges the gap between constructive contact, well considered collaboration and creative celebration…
Based on strong values and moral, SA connects through creativity and innovation. Developing the extraordinary. People and organisations. With a highly motivating, creative, down to earth core and a strong focus on sustainable relations, leadership and business development. Congruency as key. Human centred, collaborative coach with a demonstrated history of working in different kind of industries. Excellent in analytic, strategic and creative diplomacy